Spica Cast Advice

What to expect (and how to cope) when your child with
congenital hip dysplasia is placed in a spica cast.

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In-Home Comfort

Since your child will spend most of his/her time at home, we've spent the most time exploring these options. This is especially important since all doctors recommend that you constantly vary your child's position so they do not spend too much time in any one position.

Seating & High Chairs

After looking long and hard we could not find a high chair that would accomodate a spica cast. But we did find a few seating options that work beautifully for our little girl.

  • Soft Form Chairs -- We have found that the Prince Lionheart BebePod and the Bumbo flooor seat both can be easily modified within a minute or two (with a steak or other serated knife) to accomodate our daughter's spica cast (see our modified chairs below). In a pinch, we'd go with the Bumbo because it has a compatible tray attachment (the BebePod's tray is not compatible with a spica cast).
  • Travel Chair -- The First Years On-The-Go Booster is fantastic for home and restaurants. It's lack of side walls all our daughter to sit all the way back in the chair, and it comes with great straps to secure the booster seat (and therefore her) to any chair.
  • Custom-Made Desks -- Stephanie over at ivyrosespicachairs.com makes some amazing custom desks that allow children to sit, rock and play.

BebePod & Bumbo Seats modified for spica cast

Reclining / Tummy Time

Tummy time and reclining can be a challenge given the clunky nature of the spica cast, so we have found that have a good sized bean bag around the house is CRITICAL as it allows us to fashion a number of different seats for her throughout the day. It's hard to find the right bean bag given the size requirements and construction quality. We went with one from Pottery Barn Kids.


You should check with your doctor before modifying your child's crib configuration. That said, we and our doctor agreed that gravity can be your best friend (when it drains pee/poo away from the cast) and worst enemy (when it leads pee/poo up into the cast). Therefore, we added a wedge pillow to our crib so our daughter sleeps more upright. Therefore, any late night urine leaks are more likley to drain via the crotch opening, than to drain back up into the cast.